Securing Canada: are we ready?

Concerns about public safety and security are an on-going and increasing reality. What do you think about the implications for us, the management consultants and for you, the clients? Please see the following article by John Gelder: FocusGelder

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Death of Environmental Scanning

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best adapt to change.” ― Charles Darwin (attributed) Environmental scanning should no longer be treated as a static exercise in fact-finding. Rather, it should be treated as a dynamic process to continuously inform strategic thinking throughout the organization. When […]

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Team spirit! What is it? How do you know when you have it?

I have to admit, I’ve always wondered about the whole team spirit thing. Truth be known, my earliest recollection of the concept dates back to high school when the football cheering squad would gather in the school auditorium before every home game to try to pump up the troops. To me, these “pep rallies” always […]

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