Information Management

Information Management (IM) directs and supports effective and efficient management of information in an organization, covering all of the stages from planning and systems development to the final disposal and/or long-term preservation phases. IM helps an organisation to organize, retrieve, acquire, secure and maintain information.

Additionally, as a function, IM recognizes that decision-making and information processing are the centre pieces of the processes of modern organizations. The key aspect of information and decision process analysis is the ability to process information in order to make decisions at various levels in the organization. Like all management functions, effective IM must be supported by appropriate strategy, tools and architecture. At GGA, we support IM managers in their efforts to develop and implement IM strategy, by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Functional reviews;
  • Developing plans, frameworks and architectures;
  • IM issues and needs analysis;
  • IM integration;
  • Monitoring and performance indicators and dashboards; and
  • Client and stakeholder engagement