Facilitation and Training


Facilitation is highly valued by organisations globally and is recognized as a science in its own right. Although previously taken for granted or ignored completely, it is now widely recognized that group dynamics and decision-making processes need to be properly managed to ensure high performance. At GGA, we specialize in group facilitation methodologies to support meeting, planning or engagement processes. Using principles espoused by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), we employ proven and effective approaches to forge consensus and build buy-in or commitment to organizational goals.

Training differs from facilitation in that it is about the transfer of subject matter knowledge and expertise. Many of our consultants have advanced degrees and have taught at the university level. At GGA, we also have many years of experience developing and delivering courses to businesses and organizations throughout Canada and internationally. Examples of courses and learning workshops include research methods; performance management; managing for results; client satisfaction measurement; service excellence; service standards; business planning and intelligence; enterprise architecture; and project management.