Strategic Management

Strategy is a term that gets used often but loosely today. At GGA, we believe that the most desirable future is one that you first visualize and then make the right moves to create. The right moves do not happen accidentally or randomly; they are informed by systematic intelligence gathering; knowledge of the forces at play in the external and internal environment; and careful analysis of the potential impacts of those forces on the organization. Armed with the appropriate intelligence, leaders and managers are able to explore options and make the right decisions to provide their clients with lasting value.

Successful strategy requires a concerted effort and strategy implementation requires orchestration. At GGA, we employ proven planning tools and techniques to assist clients in the strategy development and implementation process, including:

  • Environmental scans;
  • Literature reviews;
  • Competitive and comparative analysis;
  • Research and sector studies;
  • Policy and program reviews; and
  • Strategic planning workshops and retreats.