Change Management


As the saying goes, “the only thing that’s constant is change.” This is certainly true of organizations as they seek to continuously adapt to their environments. The quickening pace of change has made change management an imperative for the survival of organizations. Major change drivers include technology advances and innovations; economic cycles; legal, regulatory and policy issues; and social, attitudinal and behavioural factors, among others. 

At GGA, our structured and systematic approach to organizational change focuses on ensuring that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully with a view to achieving lasting benefits. Our seasoned change management consultants are experts in the theory and practice of managing change.  We do not reinvent the wheel, but rather leverage proven models such as ADKAR, Kurt Lewin’s three stage theory, and Kotter’s eight step process. In all cases, the goal hinges on articulating a clear vision, building momentum and commitment through a process of positive engagement and firming up the desired end state.