Business Transformation


Business transformation is a process used to help organizations make fundamental changes in order to cope with shifts in the market environment. External changes and shifts in the market can have certain effects, which can lead to products or services becoming obsolete, funding or income streams being altered, new regulations coming into force, or market competition intensifying. The process of business transformation involves realigning the way staff work, restructuring the organization, and changing how technologies are used. Organisations typically go through several stages in their journey towards transformation by:

  • Recognizing the need for change;
  • Reaching consensus amongst stakeholders that change is necessary;
  • Agreeing on what form the change should take, as well as the objectives of the change and a vision that reflects a better future;
  • Understanding the organization’s starting point and the elements that must be changed;
  • Designing the new organizational way of working, as well as support and management for the change;
  • Testing and implementing the changes (often over a certain period of time and in phases); and
  • Embedding the changes to avoid a return to the previous state and to achieve the intended benefits.

Whether it involves incremental or disruptive change, GGA’s approach to business transformation is integrative and holistic. We take into account the implications for the entire business and not just specific units within the business. We employ proven engagement and change tools and approaches to assess the existing state and define the desired state. We then assist in developing and implementing the transformation process and roadmap.